Trinidad, General Cepeda, Mexico

We learned that we were expecting our sixth sweet baby a few weeks ago, but two weeks later, God called our baby to Heaven.  That evening I contemplated staying home in bed and skipping out on the thirty minute bumpy van ride to a small nearby town to give testimonies with the rest of our group. But I felt Jesus giving me the strength to go. We sang songs and a few of us went up to the front of the chapel to give talks and testimonies. Then we invited anyone from the town to do the same. Usually no one comes forward. But this night, a lady who had been standing all evening in the back of the chapel came forward with tears in her eyes.  She said she had a dream a couple days beforehand that missionaries would come to the chapel and that she needed to go to hear what they would say. So, she started to read her bible for the first time in a long time. And she said that the testimony I gave was what she needed to hear and she was so grateful. She said she now believes and knows God is real. 

Thank you, Jesus for your love. And for showing us how much you love us. 


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