My Proverbs 31 Wife

Lacy, Norah, and other missionaries praying with a lady in need in Mexico

This is a simple blog post about my wonderful and beautiful wife Lacy Linda Brupbacher. She has been the most amazing wife and mother to our children and I felt it prudent to share some wonderful highlights of her time here in missions in Coopevega.

Lacy has found a niche in welcoming women at our home. They simply knock and come in and sit and visit with her. It is a thing of beauty.

Lacy and her friend Yamilet who is a young single mom. On this afternoon Yamilet knocked on our door and asked Lacy to teach her how to cook a smothered chicken.

Lacy usually listens to these women and spends time with them- lots of time. She plays with their children and encourages them and usually will ask them if they need prayer for anything before they leave.

Lacy and Jodi. Jodi is Yamilet’s son.
Lacy and Eleezer the day before his baptism. Eleezer and his brother Lionel were both baptized recently and we were honored to be the Godparents.

Often times these women who visit Lacy have a deeper desire to follow Jesus or they hear that she is a missionary and it seems as if the Holy Spirit simply brings them together.

Dorisel and Lionel – parents of Eleezer and Lionel just before the baptism.

Eleezer’s baptism- such a grace filled occasion.

One of the things we try to do once or twice a week is to go and visit some of the friends we have made in their homes. The people here are so welcoming. we generally will bring a Bible to read with them and something for their children along with a weeks worth of food for the family.

While visiting our friends Connie and Luz Anna their bird pooped and peed on Lacy.  I took this photo just after. as you can see Lacy was thrilled.

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of life in missions so far is seeing my beautiful bride raise our children out here. Life is never dull as we are still learning the language and culture and there seems to be an new adventure each day.

Now we are spending a few weeks in San Jose,  the capital city of Costa Rica as Lacy is preparing to deliver our newest addition in just a few weeks. We need to be here because our home in Coopevega is very far from adequate medical care, which is needed for Lacy’s high blood pressure. So we are waiting and watching her blood pressure. I have been challenged each day by her complete trust in God’s will as I do not think I would be brave enough to deliver a baby in a foreign country, but here we are awaiting his birth and I am blown away by her trust.

Please keep her in prayer as we await the baby here in San Jose. Please pray for her blood pressure to remain low and for a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

And in case you needed a refresher on Proverbs 31:10-12

“When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband, entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize. She brings him good, and not evil all the days of her life.”

Lacy and her dad the day we left the U.S.
Can’t quite explain this one

Lacy and the girls in a tree in Mexico
Lacy doing anything she can to keep Lily quiet on the plane

Lacy, Norah, and our sweet niece Alexandra last Christmas

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